Massage Therapy

Massage for Relaxation and Healing

Little Hump Mountain, NC

Perhaps your life includes too much work and not enough rest. Maybe you suffer the effects of sitting for long hours at a computer, or being on your feet. Or, maybe you’re just sore from playing too hard! If you have stress, muscle tension, or pain, you will likely benefit from massage therapy. Massage therapy helps people relax, quieting both mind and body. A relaxed body heals better and hurts less.

Massage offers numerous additional health benefits. In addition to reducing tension, massage can increase flexibility and range of motion. Massage is thought to aid the circulation of blood and lymph, thereby boosting the immune system. Research shows that massage lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which can help lower blood sugar and improve immune function. Regular massage has also been shown in studies to lower blood pressure. Some will find that massage offers better body awareness and an enhanced sense of well-being.

At New River Healing Arts I offer several types of massage to suit your needs. If your goal is relaxation, I offer Swedish massage, which emphasizes flowing strokes to soothe the body and calm the mind, while offering many of the benefits listed above.

If you are seeking therapeutic massage for tight muscles, muscle spasm, help with injuries, or pain conditions, I employ techniques from several other modalities. I use Deep Tissue massage, which uses deeper pressure in its techniques to address deeper layers of muscle and the fascia. Fascia is the connective tissue that contains and protects muscles, vessels, and organs; healthy fascia allows the smooth movement of body tissues. I also employ various types of myofascial release, including indirect approaches that release strain patterns in the fascia by helping it to relax and unwind, and direct approaches that stretch and challenge the fascia. I incorporate Tuina, a Chinese system of bodywork that employs a variety of hand techniques – some light, some deep – to address a wide range of physical problems with the muscles, fascia, and energy systems of the body. I also use a few techniques developed by osteopathic physicians. Strain-counterstrain is a gentle technique that helps muscles relax by holding them in comfortable positions. Muscle energy techniques use gentle effort from the client to facilitate relaxation and lengthening of the muscles.

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