Yoga in Blacksburg

Yoga can be a great addition to an exercise program. It offers increased flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Most people find a session to be physically invigorating and mentally calming. There are many styles to choose from ranging from gentle to strenuous. Some classes will include breathing exercises or other techniques to focus and calm the mind.

Blacksburg has a wealth of teachers and yoga studios. This list will get you started in your search to find a class that suits you.

  • Akke’s Yoga Place offers numerous Hatha yoga classes from gentle to intermediate, and prenatal.
  • The Breathing Space is a small studio where Anna Pittman has been sharing and exploring Yoga and related topics for about 9 years in the NRV. She offers weekly classes, seasonal workshops, and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training & Self-Study programs. She is certified as an Advanced Teacher of Hatha Yoga, Breathwork, Life Transformation Consulting, and Meditation.
  • In Balance Yoga is located in downtown Blacksburg and claims to be the first studio in Southwest Virginia to offer a full schedule of heated yoga classes.
  • The Laughter Club of the New River Valley offers free Laughter Yoga meetings, where participants experience and explore the variety and benefits of laughter.

More on the way…