Getting the most from your acupuncture session

Prior to your session, abstain from eating foods that might color your tongue like artificially colored foods, coffee, etc.

Time your meals and snacks so you are neither hungry nor very full during your treatment. Likewise, try to be neither dehydrated nor water-logged.

Avoid stimulants like coffee in close proximity to your treatment, but if you are on medication, please take your doses on schedule.

For a couple hours prior to and following your treatment it is advisable to avoid activities that might shift your body’s attention away from the treatment. Avoid vigorous exercise, spicy foods, sex, recreational drugs, and alcohol.

Wear loose-fitting clothing if possible. Many commonly used acupuncture points are accessible simply by raising a pant leg or a shirt sleeve or loosening clothing to access the torso or back. If that’s not possible, I keep medical gowns, etc. on hand and can also drape with a sheet, as in massage, to preserve your modesty.

I want to be able to give you the full length of time scheduled, so please arrive on time. This will help you to begin your session as relaxed as possible.