Organic and Local Food in Blacksburg

It’s possible now to shop at most grocery stores now and obtain organic meats and vegetables. Kroger, Food Lion, and Wal-mart all carry organic products. If you want locally sourced foods, you will probably have to look elsewhere. Here’s a list of stores and markets in the area that provide foods grown, raised, or prepared in this area.

You can also buy direct from some local farms. Maybe you have a big freezer for some grass-fed, grass-finished local beef:

  • Shadowchase Farm, located in Sinking Creek Valley, just 20 miles from Blacksburg, sells beef, pork, and more.
  • More coming soon…

Locally sourced foods are also appearing in some of our local restaurants. I don’t know any that offer only local food, but here are some with at least one local offering.

  • Sharkey’s in downtown Blacksburg has local buffalo burgers.
  • Mikie’s 7th is located at the intersection of Spruce Run Rd and 460 in Newport, Va. Many of their food ingredients are sourced from their farm.
  • The Palisades Restaurant in Eggleston, Va uses some local foods in their cuisine.

And, of course one option is to grow your own food.